Airbag Starter Kit (includes tyres)


This kit includes everything to connect your airbags to the system.

  • Rugged Connect system programed for airbag control.
  • Plumbing kit tyre inflation.
  • Airbag Plumbing kit (to connect airbags to the system) Valves included.
  • App download for tyre and airbag control.

With the airbag system you can adjust the height on your vehicle or camper trailer from your fingertips. Just inflate and deflate by selecting what airbag you want to adjust and a solenoid valve will open allowing air to flow to your airbags from the main line.  You can also inflate and deflate your tyres with this system.

If the product you have ordered is incorrect or is not as per advertised we are more than happy to have the Rugged Connect System returned to AMPG Tech in original condition.
Shipping within Australia is done via Australia post.
Make your off-road experiences more enjoyable and stress free

A complete management system that will switch, control and monitor all your vital systems on your vehicle or camper trailer from your blue tooth device.