Perfect Switching

Remote Switching

Perfect switching has been designed and developed to work with any 12 volt system, it will switch up to 4 relays per module allowing you to install anywhere on the vehicle. One of the leading features of our 12 volt satellite power distribution system is the ability to configure inputs to control outputs around a vehicle. For instance, if you have two relay modules one being on the roof rack switching the light bar on and off with the high beam. Instead of running a wire for the high and low beams to the roof you can assign one of the inputs on a module in the cabin to control the bar on the roof reducing the need to run off wires all around the vehicle.

Lighting Control

With the limited amount of room allocated for accessory switched in most new vehicles the rugged connect gives you the option to connect your lights, water pumps and any 12 volt switch to your smart device.  The Rugged Connect relay system has 4 outputs and 6 inputs giving you the flexibility to connect your high beam or reverse triggers to the inputs activating an output to switch a light if required. Or just use it a switch control when around a camp site.

Rugged Connect is modular and so you can daisy chain together giving you up to 12 switching module, or 8 switches and airbags or just tyre and switches it is up to you.

Make your off-road experiences more enjoyable and stress free

A complete management system that will switch, control and monitor all your vital systems on your vehicle or camper trailer from your blue tooth device.