Perfect Air Module

Perfect Pressure Tyre Inflation / Deflation

Simply connect your tyres to the connect system that is controlling your 12 volt compressor to inflate your tyres to exact pressure just like the servo. Set your pressures and let the Rugged Connect system do all the work. Connect one two or even all four tyres and set and forget, the connect system will let you know when it is done. No need to get on your knees to deflate and no need to keep checking your pressures as your compressor inflates your tyres.

Aftermarket Diff-lock Control

The perfect locker program has been designed that once one of the lockers has been selected the solenoid will open and the compressor will start and run to the maximum pressure that has been pre-set, pressures that have been set up on your system.

Air Bag Suspension

With the airbag system you can adjust the height on your vehicle or camper trailer from your fingertips. Just inflate and deflate by selecting what airbag you want to adjust and a solenoid valve will open allowing air to flow to your airbags from the main line.  You can also inflate and deflate your tyres with this system.

Perfect Air (Continuous Air)

Inbuilt pressure cut-off switch.
Set your maximum pressure where you would like your compressor to switch off.  Once the pressure reaches 20% lower than your set pressure the compressor will start up again. This is perfect for blowing out your air-filters and also running air tools.

Make your off-road experiences more enjoyable and stress free

A complete management system that will switch, control and monitor all your vital systems on your vehicle or camper trailer from your blue tooth device.