One Serious App For 4x4 lovers!

Rugged System is designed to take your off-road experience to the next level!

Perfect Air

Adjust your tyre pressures to the exact pressure on and off-road via your mobile or tablet.

Perfect Switching

Perfect switching has been designed and developed to work with any 12 volt accessory on your vehicle.

One Serious App For 4×4 lovers!

Take Your 4×4 Seriously? You’ll Love The Rugged Connect App…

Rugged System is designed to take your off-road experience to the next level!


Rugged Connect is a system that connects your 4×4 accessories to your mobile phone allowing you to adjust tyre pressure, airbag suspension and lights via your smart device to each accessory.

Inflate and deflate your tyres to exact pressures, just set your tyre pressure and let the system take control. It makes inflating and deflating your tyres easy while you’re on the go with your portable compressor as the system adjusts to the exact pressure, just like at the servo. You can also Inflate and deflate your airbag suspension from your phone. It can be set up once and then you can inflate and deflate anytime without even getting out of the car. Just inflate and deflate with the touch of a finger on your phone.

What Rugged Connect Does

Air Module

We designed an air control module in 2015 to inflate and deflate your tyres on and off road. Over the 3 years we have added a number of functions with the introduction of the app that brings everything onto one centralised control on your smart device.


Space to install switches on a vehicle is becoming more and more difficult to find with modern vehicles. Rugged Connect switching module allows you to switch and control your lights, water-pumps and any 12 volt accessory that requires switching.


Rugged Connect is not only a system that can be controlled from a control module in the vehicle but you can control all your accessories from the palm of your hand with our Apple or Android mobile app.

Infalate or Deflate Your Tyres

Switch & Control Your Lighting

Manage Your Water Pumps

Switch Your Accessories

Control Your Air Compressor

Adjust Your Airbag Suspension

All in the palm of your hand

See it in Action

Our Product Range

Make your off-road experience a more enjoyable and stress free

A complete management system that will switch, control and monitor all your vital systems on your vehicle or camper trailer from your blue tooth device.